Induction Cap Seal Liner and Related Machinery


Well-Pack Industries Co., Ltd. has been in business for more than 40 years with factories located in Taiwan and China. Our lines of business are manufacturing various type of material such as PP, PVC, PE foamed and paper which apply to shopping bags, gift bags, jewelry bags, etc.

In addition, we have been able to establish expertise in the after making of such material into more environmentally friendly and value added products.

Over the years, our commitment to serve our clients and to ensure the kind of quality our clients expects us to deliver has won is praises and long term relationship from our valued customers.

Quality control

We have been able to turn out detergent bag for consumer products giant like Unilever (Taiwan) and Lion Corporation (Taiwan), we also been able to produce release films for high tech industries such as LCD backlight industry. We process our release film for cutting and packing in high standard cleaning room, standard K-10000 clean room environments in our facility in Taiwan. We supply our antistatic electronic packaging items to backlight board leading manufacturers in Taiwan and Japan.

Furthermore, we have abundant experience in exporting plastic stationeries and foamy Polyethylene gift and shopping bags to Europe, USA, Japan and some Asian countries. Therefore we know how to conduct business under international practices. Since we pride ourselves as the Packaging Specialist we have to give our best to meet our clients needs.

Products Development

We always look further to be able to build new specialize products from our material and to improve our service, costs, technology, and ideas.

Our induction cap seal liner is one of our specialized products to fulfill the growing and changing market for packaging especially in South East Asia, Middle East and Africa. Success in our local market for induction cap seal liners, we are expanding for export market, we supply our induction cap seal liner to some countries in South East Asia such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippine with great feedback. We provide one stop service for this division with providing our customer with the related machinery such as induction machine and aluminum foil induction cap seal inserting machine.